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强烈的低音素材 – StudioTronnic Low Bass Complete MULTiFORMAT-DECiBEL


凭借强烈的低音和来自Tech House的影响力征服了电子音乐的流派,“ Low Bass”这个名称已经得到了全面提升,主要分布在巴西和南非,大量的制作人都在努力寻找秘密。这种风格。为此,我们创作了《低低音完整包装》,灵感来自著名制作人和DJ Kyle Watson的“猫的超级标签盒”,使制作人能够像这种伟大的艺术家一样发出声音。

样本包中包含各种高品质的One Shots,这些风格遵循其风格的风格,并着重于Kicks,Kicks是创建任何轨道的关键,尤其是在Kick和Bass胜利的这种风格中。除了One Shots,我们还创建了Beats Loops,完整的鼓组,所有元素在Loops中都没有约束,因此您可以利用所有功能重新设计和创建新曲目,从而提取出您感兴趣的内容。


在Synth Presets中,您还拥有真正的武器库,Sylenth和Massive有180多个预置,所有预置都使用Modwhell和Pitch进行编程,可让您测试自动化或无需费力即可创建它们。 Massive是VST,深受宏指令的喜爱,它提供了更多的可能性,自动化程度和音色的变化一样,这就是我们所做的,所有预设都使用Macro Control面板编程,并具有许多选项,包括添加瞬变,滤波器自动化,音高,LFO直到总音调改变为止。

Ableton模板肯定会成为该产品包的一大亮点。除了您可以分析歌曲的构成,混合技术外,还将有大量的自动化研究资料,它们以这种风格被广泛使用并产生了很大的变化。除了超级制作人凯尔·沃森(Kyle Watson)的曲目中的原始灵感外,还带来了巴西音乐的影响,例如洛蒂夫(Lothief),幻觉(Illusionize)和罗蒂克(rrotik)。

Sylenth1 Soundbank-94个预设
-05 PLuck声音
-04 Sfx声音
80 mb
20 SFX
-Kohen的FL Studio项目
Ableton V9.7.5(与Ableton 10,Win / Mac兼容)
Sylenth1 v2.2.1(与Sylenth1 3兼容)

Genre that has conquered the scene of electronic music, with strong basslines and its influences from Tech house, the name “Low Bass” is in full ascension, mainly in Brazil and South Africa, where a great quantity of producers are trying to discover the secrets of this style. For this, we created the Low Bass Complete Pack, inspired by the Super Label Box of Cats by renowned producer and DJ Kyle Watson, for you producer to make sounds like those of great artists of this genre.
This complete Pack has Sample Pack Complete, 2 Soundbanks for the Sylenth1 and Massive plugins, plus 10 Ableton Templates.
The sample pack contains a variety of One Shots in high quality following the sonority of the style, giving emphasis to the Kicks that are a key piece in creating any track, especially in this style where Kick and Bass triumph. In addition to One Shots, we have also created Beats Loops, Complete Drum Kits, with all elements unbound in Loops, so you have all the facility to redesign and create new tracks extracting just what interests you.
We also created Instrument Kits, with melodic sounds for you to use in your breaks, are pianos, guitars, Bass among and other elements, all with tonal information and MIDI files, so you can use your imagination to recreate the arrangement and start new ideas. The pack also features a variety of vocals (Words and Shots) processed and with tonal information, for you to use in pre-drops or even as an instrument.
In the part of Synth Presets you also have a true arsenal, there are more than 180 presets for Sylenth and Massive, all the presets are with Modwhell and Pitch programmed for you to test automations or have the facility to create them without much effort. Massive is a VST very much loved by the macros, that offer much more possibilities, of automations as much of change of timbre, and that is what we did, all presets are with the Macro Control panel programmed with numerous options, from add transients, filter automation, Pitch, LFO until the total change of tone.
Ableton Templates are sure to be a great attraction for the pack. Besides you can analyze the composition of the songs, mixing techniques, will also have a great source of studies on automations, which are widely used in this style and make a total difference. Besides the primordial inspiration in tracks of the super producer Kyle Watson, also brings influences of the most Brazilian sounds, like Lothief, Illusionize and rrotik.
All the elements used in the creation of the templates are present in the pack, we do not use any loop in the templates, for you to have total control of all elements individual, and can change at any moment, being able to abuse its creativity, so one of these projects can be the great ignition to the success of your next super track.
Product Details:
10 Ableton Templates
02 Soundbanks for Sylenth1 and Massive (183 Presets)
Sylenth1 Soundbank – 94 presets
-68 Bass Sounds
-07 Lead Sounds
-06 Synth Sounds
-05 PLuck Sounds
-04 Sfx Sounds
-04 Pad Sounds
-02 Drum Sounds
-01 Chord Sounds
Massive Soundbank – 89 presets
-83 Bass Sounds
-03 Synth Sounds
-03 Pluck Sounds
Complete Sample Pack
Drum One Shots
50 Kicks
20 Claps
10 Snares
80 Cymbals
– 20 Close Hats
– 20 Open Hats
– 10 Rides
– 10 Shakers
– 10 Tambourines
– 10 Crash
20 Percussions
30 Vocals
– 10 Vocal Shots
– 20 Vocal Words
20 SFX
10 Drum Kits
– 57 Wave Loops
05 Instrument Kits
– 20 Wave Loops
– 14 MIDI Loops
– Construction Kit by Kohen
– FL Studio Project by Kohen
– Ableton Project + Massive presets
Softwares requirements:
Ableton V9.7.5 (compatible with Ableton 10, Win / Mac)
Sylenth1 v2.2.1 (compatible with Sylenth1 3)
Massive v1.5.1

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