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嘻哈素材 – Bunker 8 Digital Labs Symphonic Hip Hop 5 MULTiFORMAT-DECiBEL


Bunker 8推出了“ Symphonic Hip Hop 5”,该系列建立了轰炸,乐团驱动的城市声音,以任何人都无法比拟的真实感和清晰度打通。真正地重新定义了Hip Hop类型的可能性Bunker 8 Digital Labs的“交响嘻哈”确实是该行业的分水岭产品。他们只是不能把它留在那里。他们不得不把它调高一些。输入“交响嘻哈5”。
‘Symphonic Hip Hop 5’是该系列的领导者,继续定义当您将爆炸性节拍与慢性管弦乐元素混合时真正发生的事情。 Adagio小提琴,力量打击乐器,硬屁股安排,分层,复杂,感性的管弦乐元素都在您的指尖。这就是医生的命令。

•4.5 GB的内容
•143个ACID / WAV循环
Bunker 8 Digital Labs花了一些时间来创建一组定制的卷积交响音乐厅/空间,并在其中放置这些乐器,从而提供了一个现实水平和深度,这是收藏中预期的价格的四倍。邦克8号还引出了几位主要的理论转录指导者的服务,这些指导者都密切参与了该系列的构成和布置。
“ Symphonic Hip Hop 5”是由Bunker 8制造的,该团队为您带来了“ Hitzone 1、2、3,Hybridizer 1、2、3,“ 101以下,102以下”等。这就像让Sigmund Droid就在您的控制之下。

Bunker 8 is back with ‘Symphonic Hip Hop 5’, this is the series that founded the bombastic, orchestra driven urban sound that punches through with a realism and clarity unmatched by anyone.Having truly redefined what is possible within the Hip Hop genre, “Symphonic Hip Hop” by Bunker 8 Digital Labs was truly a watershed product for the industry. They just couldn’t leave it there. They had to turn it up and then some. Enter ‘Symphonic Hip Hop 5’.
‘Symphonic Hip Hop 5′ is the series leader, continuing to define what truly happens when you mix bangtastic beats with chronic orchestral elements. Adagio violins, power percussion, hard ass arrangements, layered, complex, emotive orchestral elements are all there at your fingertips. This is just what the doctor ordered.
• 8 Construction Kits
• 306 Files
• 4.5 GB of Content
• 8 MIDI Loops
• 143 ACID/WAV Loops
• 143 Apple Loops
Featured Elements:
Oboe ostinanti passages, sus-trill trombones, lyrical woodwind passages, powerful cinematic slams, resonant symphonic horn passages, spectralized choirs, the engaging immediacy of this collection is only surpassed by its scope of use. These tracks can easily sit comfortably within a righteous urban smash, as well as providing the compositional focus of a major Hollywood blockbuster, sleek driven ad campaign, video game score or slammin’ trailer busting cues.
About the Production Process:
Bunker 8 Digital Labs has taken the time to create a custom set of convolution symphonic halls/spaces in which these instruments are placed, offering a level of realism and depth one would expect in a collection costing four times as much. Bunker 8 have also elicited the services of a several leading theoretical transcription conductors who have been intimately involved in both the composition and arrangement of this collection.
There are complete MIDI files for each and every Construction Kit. As well, there is a selection of complete arrangements which demonstrate the power, depth and total precise awesomeness of this collection.
All loops have been processed using Neve, Soundcraft and SSL consoles at the mixing stage, so you know these are ready to go and will sit comfortably in your mix from the off.
No Detail Overlooked:
Each orchestral instrument has been broken out and edited in painstakingly sample accurate clarity, with the correct articulation, playing style and stage positioning fully preserved. The correct symphonic convolution has been applied to each instrument to preserve as much of the natural qualities of those symphonic elements.
These Construction Kits are simply bursting at the seams with the essential ingredients to propel your creativity out of the sameness of the everyday.
Each Kit contains a full sample mix, plus all of the elements separated and set out for you to mix and match until the groove sits tight.
About Bunker 8:
‘Symphonic Hip Hop 5’ is made by Bunker 8, the same team who brought you “Hitzone 1, 2, 3, “Hybridizer 1, 2, 3,” “101 Below, “102 Below” etc. It’s like having Sigmund Droid right with you at the controls.

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