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功能强劲的DJ混音工具 – UltraMixer Pro Entertain 6.2.3 Multilingual WIN

UltraMixer Pro Entertain 是一款简单明了 功能强劲的DJ混音工具。想要混音的工具?那就快试试绿色先锋小编推荐的UltraMixer Pro Entertain正式版下载使用。除了常见功能之外这款功能强大的UltraMixer Pro Entertain特别版还为您提供了一些娱乐功能,自带14中效果的高清质量的现场视频,总有一个适合您.

UltraMixer Pro Entertain 6.x Multilingual | 217 MB

UltraMixer是娱乐聚会人群的理想工具。使用UltraMixer 5,您将成为“ Mobile DJ 2.0”:除了所有常见的DJ混音功能之外,UltraMixer 5还带来了许多新的娱乐可能性。


UltraMixer 5将多个软件合二为一–易于使用的照片幻灯片放映以及实时的视觉效果和视频播放。此外,您可以显示精美的背景图像,屏幕徽标或您自己的图像(例如菜单车或传单)。最后,实时文本功能(例如“自助餐已打开”)和在投影仪上具有实时摄像头功能的聚会游戏正在完善产品组合。由于网络摄像机的集成,甚至可以传输世界足球锦标赛冠军。


UltraMixers广为人知且高度精确的音频引擎可提供清晰的声音和100%不变(无人工过滤器)的声音。即使系统处于高负载情况下,也可以确保音频播放的稳定性。集成的自动同步功能将两个音乐曲目完美地混合在一起,并且只需单击一下鼠标,即可轻松进行过渡。 7种实时效果,独特的31波段均衡器,6个热指示按钮,智能同步循环和内置的16通道采样播放器将为您提供支持。


可以选择不同的混合曲线(K,T,X),还可以创建自己的混合以实现完美的混合。 UltraMixer通过内置的圆度标准化来支持您的混音,以实现均衡的音量。您的听众将不胜感激。



UltraMixer 5提供了一个现代而直观的设计用户界面,而没有故意的头。少即是多。


找到合适的音乐仅需几秒钟。甚至可以在Youtube中进行搜索,并且可以在UltraMixer中直接加载和混合音乐文件。可以创建虚拟组,播放列表和愿望清单。彩色标记和排序选项很有帮助。借助“智能组”,您可以创建带有音乐标题和特殊自动条件的自动播放列表。这些组会按照您指定的规则自动填充,例如100 – 120 BPM。


支持所有常见的控制器,例如Pioneer,Denon,Numark,Reloop,American DJ等。

UltraMixer 5可以通过鼠标和键盘或所有常见的MIDI-DJ控制器进行控制。 UltraMixer中直接包含70多个控制器映射-即插即用。新的midi控制器不断集成,并通过免费软件更新提供。集成的MIDI映射器使您可以创建自己的MIDI映射并更改预定义的映射。支持所有常见品牌,如先锋,天龙,Reloop,Numark,美国DJ,大力神,贝林格,M-Audio或EKS。

要求:Windows 10,Windows 8(.1),Windows 7,Vista,XP。


UltraMixer is the perfect tool to entertain your party crowd. With UltraMixer 5 you will become a “Mobile DJ 2.0“: Besides all common DJ-mix functions UltraMixer 5 brings a lot of new entertainment possibilities..

Just play music videos and karaoke songs as easily as “normal” audio songs. In case you do not have enough videos, UltraMixer brings live visuals in HD quality with 14 effects, to have always a suitable screen. By fireing up your images to a flat screen or a beamer your audience will be amazed.

UltraMixer 5 unifies multiple software in one – an easy to use photo slide show comes along with the live visuals and video playback. Furthermore you can display a beautiful background image, an on-screen logo or your own images (e.g. menu cart or flyers). Finally the live text function (like “buffet is open”) and party games with the live camera function on a beamer are rounding up the portfolio. Even a transmission of a football world championship is possible due to the integration of network cameras.

High stability Audio Engine with Auto-Sync function
Crystal clear and 100% true sound & profi mixing with a single mouse click

UltraMixers well known and highly precise audio engine brings crystal clear and 100% unchanged (no artificial filters) sound. The stability of the audio playback is ensured even if the system is under high load circumstances. The integrated Auto-Sync mixes two music titles perfectly together and makes transitions easy – with a single mouse click. You will be supported by 7 real time effects, a unique 31-band equalizer, 6 hot cue buttons, smart synchronized loop and built-in 16 channel sample player.

Impressive Auto-DJ – Automatic transitions with equalized volume and automatic music for hours
Hours of music with perfect transitions – the integrated Auto-DJ makes it possible. It is perfect, especially for the time right before the manual mixing (e.g. at a dinner), automated background music in restaurants or a replacement for a real DJ at parties.

There are different blending curves (K,T,X) that can be chosen as well as the possibility to create your own blends for a perfect mix. UltraMixer supports your mix with the built-in loundness normalization for equalized volume. Your audience will appreciate it.

Clean, adjustable user interface – Modern user interface – adjustable by widgets
Countless widgets make it possible to easily adapt UltraMixer to your own needs. Even font sizes and font types can be changed with a simple mouse click.

Different skins and color schemes bring diversity and individuality.
The intelligent colored waveform visualizes music through the use of different colors. Therefore you see with just one glance, where beats and silent parts are. Red parts are beats and bases, green show planes and vocals, blue parts show treble. Those sketches help you to understand the music even without head phones.

UltraMixer 5 provides a modern and intuitive designed user interface, that is without gimmicks on purpose. Less is more.

Data based music archive – True data base for professional music management
UltraMixer has one of the most powerful music archives on the market. The technology base is a real data base, where you can quickly manage even more than hundred thousands music files.

Finding suitable music is just a matter of seconds. Even a search in Youtube is possible and music files can be loaded and mixed directly in UltraMixer. It is possible to create virtual groups, playlists and wishlists. The colorized marker and sorting options are helpful. With the help of “intelligent groups” you can create automated playlists, with music titles and special automated criterias. Those groups are filled automatically by your given rules e.g. 100 – 120 BPM.

While editing meta data (ID3-tags) of particular files or even entire groups an automatic cover search for your MP3 is extremly helpful. An import of iTunes or BPM-Studio archives into UltraMixer is possible with a single mouse click.

70+ native supported MIDI-Controller through Plug‘n’Play
Support for all common Controllers like Pioneer, Denon, Numark, Reloop, American DJ and so much more.

UltraMixer 5 can be controlled by mouse & keyboard or all common MIDI-DJ controller. More than 70 controller mappings are directly included in UltraMixer – plugin and play. New midi controller are constantly integrated and provided by free software updates. The integrated MIDI mapper makes it possible to create your own MIDI mappings and change predefined mappings. All common brands like Pioneer, Denon, Reloop, Numark, American DJ, Hercules, Behringer, M-Audio or EKS are supported.

Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8(.1), Windows 7, Vista, XP.

Homepage – http://www.ultramixer.com

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